Made with Xara What if you never had to worry about running out of computing resources again? . Don’t Change The Way You Manage Your Business Today: One of the many issues surrounding the  implementation of ERP solutions provided  by major ERP providers today is that you  need to completely change your current  business model and confuse your  employees and customers by changing the  way that you charge for services. In the  case of SMEBS, this is completely untrue.  In fact, we encourage you to continue  doing business as you do today. The only  difference being that, thanks to SMEBS,  you are now able to increase your bottom  line by eliminating much of the everyday  expenses and time consuming manual  tasks associated with managing separate  physical IT infrastructures and Software  solutions. Work Smarter, Not Harder With SMEBS you are able to manage and  administer your IT infrastructure the same  way you do today. Only, now you can do it  much more efficiently and in a fraction of  the time. Say goodbye to the days of  constantly traveling to your branches and  customer’s locations for every little  problem that comes to the surface. Instead,  manage your branches’s entire  infrastructure from one unified  management console SHANSHIN SOFTECH  Shanshin Softech is a global enterprise solutions company with a strong  background in developing and implementing business software across the globe.  We take pride in providing a wide range of solutions and services catering to  Small, Mid-sized and Large Enterprises across diverse industry sectors.  Our ERP software solutions (SMEBS) has been designed for organizations that  seek seamless integration and management of diverse organizational functions  on a single platform with the objective of reducing total cost of ownership and to  overcome the business challenges in cost-effective manner, which leverage your  organization by making a central management hub within the organization for efficient administration of all  organizational  work flow processes and help your organization to overcome operational, management and  performance challenges in cost-effective manner by fully eliminating application running and maintenance costs  SMEBS is Cloud enabled ERP System which provides you seamless integration across enterprise, whereby you can  connect all different Organizational Units, its branches and departments irrespective of their different geographic  locations and time zones on multi-currency and multi-company operating environment on a single platform  It gives bull’s eye view of critical business indicators to help stakeholders take right decisions at right time and  ensure that all business operations run smoothly with powerful authorization engine which gives you fool proof  access control allowing authorized users to see complete picture of what’s happening in your company or group of  companies, from any access point SMEBS Shanshin ERP (SMEBS) Platform  That Not Only Understands the  Business Requirements of your  company, But Also the Business  Requirements of your  Customers   What if you could accomplish this without being forced to completely change your business model? Shanshin Middle East Business Solution SMEBS (ERP FROM SHANSHIN) SMEBS is a revolutionary Enterprise  Resources and Planning solution with IaaS  and SaaS platform designed for and sold  exclusively to Business Establishments  which recognizes the differences. It is  specifically for those who recognize the  benefits and efficiencies that come with  SMEBS enabling their offerings but do not  want to spend the large amounts of capital  that is required to setup their own costly  Infrastructures and buy costly ERP solution  Other Sites Shanshin Financial Management System Quick Links Shanshin HR & Payroll Management System Shanshin Inventory Management System Connect To Online ERP Downloads Brochure Demo Help About Us Contact Us Contact Information +91 9846763389 Do you need any Support or Help